An APCO Share (Savings) Account offers you the best of everything.

An APCO Share (Savings) Account is your first step to becoming a Member of the APCO Employees Credit Union family and enjoying all the benefits membership offers.

A competitive rate of return combined with easy access to your money makes this account a smart way to save. In 2023, APCO Employees Credit Union paid over $70 million in dividends and interest on deposits to Members. That is over $30 million more than was returned in 2022, and significantly more than any other credit union in our market.


  • A $5 minimum deposit is required to open your Share Account and become an APCO Employees Credit Union Member.
  • Dividends are paid on the average daily balance method.
  • Dividends compound quarterly and are posted to your account on the last day of the calendar quarter.

You will receive a statement or one will be available online showing your balance, deposits and withdrawals for the quarter and the most recent dividend amount your account has earned. APCO Share Accounts pay a competitive rate of return which normally exceeds money market and short term CD rates at other financial institutions.

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* APY: Annual Percentage Yield.

Savings account dividends computed on the average daily balance and compounded quarterly.  Rate paid as of 3/31/24.

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