We can help secure your next adventure.

Our loan rates give you options. Whether you want to hit the open road in an RV, or open water in a new boat, we have a loan that fits your needs.

Other Loans




New Boat63 Months6.25% APR
New Boat75 Months6.50% APR
New Boat84 Months7.00% APR
Used Boat48 Months6.25% APR
Used Boat63 Months7.00% APR
Used Boat75 Months7.25% APR
New Motorcycle63 Months7.00% APR
New Motorcycle75 Months7.25% APR
Used Motorcycle63 Months7.50% APR
New Motor Home84 Months6.50% APR
New Motor Home120 Months7.00% APR
Used Motor Home84 Months7.50% APR
New Travel Trailer63 Months6.50% APR
New Travel Trailer84 Months7.00% APR
Used Travel Trailer63 Months7.25% APR
New Tractor*** 75 Months7.25% APR
Used Tractor*** 63 Months7.50% APR

All rates are subject to change without notice.

* Certain terms and loan amount restrictions apply based on loan type. Minimum loan amounts and terms apply depending on loan type.

** The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is based on credit worthiness, loan amount, current mileage, term of the loan and loan to value. A lower credit score may cause a higher loan rate.

*** Construction equipment and lawn tractors excluded.