APCO Visa® Debit Card

When you open a checking account, you automatically receive an APCO Visa Debit Card.APCO ECU Visa Debit Card

Your debit card can be used at hundreds of surcharge-free ATM’s statewide.

To get started, simply sign up for a checking account.

Always be diligent in protecting your information. Click here for a list of things we won’t ask you.



Here are additional services you can expect with your APCO Visa Debit Card

Instant Issue for Debit Cards

For added convenience, new APCO Visa Debit Cards can be instantly issued at many branch locations. If your card is lost, stolen or broken, many of our branches can issue you a new card same day for pick up. Contact your local branch to inquire about options.

Card Manager

Actively manage your debit card by defining when, where and how your cards are used – all right from your phone!

CardManager sends real-time alerts for PIN and signature transactions enabling you to manage, track and report specific types of transactions. You can customize your experience by setting alerts and controls for:

  • Locations
  • Merchants
  • Spending thresholds

Lost or misplaced a card? CardManager enables you to turn a card “off” until it’s found.

Log-in through your Credit Union Mobile Banking today!

Visa Purchase Alerts

Set a dollar amount and if a transaction meets or exceeds that dollar amount you will automatically be notified of phone or internet transactions and international transactions.


Apple Pay

For added convenience and security, your APCO Visa Debit Card is compatible with Apple Pay. Apple Pay transactions using Apple devices are authorized with TouchID™ security or your passcode, and transactions never use your card number. By not having your card account number shared with merchants, you can pay with greater peace of mind. Learn more about the added convenience and security of digital wallet options here.

Click here to learn about finding merchants accepting Apple Pay.