Home Loan Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Home Loan Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to buy a homerefinance an existing mortgage, tap into your home’s existing equity, or build your dream home, our home loan solutions can help you achieve your goals. As an APCO Member, you have access to competitive rates and knowledgeable experts ready to help every step of the way. Plus, you can apply online in as little as 20 minutes. Read on to learn about the different home lending options available to you as an APCO member.

Fixed-Rate Home Equity Line of Credit

Our Fixed-Rate HELOC gives you the option for predictable monthly payments for the entirety of the selected 10-year draw period. Even if rates rise, your rate will remain the same!

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a great way to leverage the value of your home and ensure you have funds available for whatever you want, such as home improvements and additions, debt consolidation, education, family vacations, and more! If you have a home and have been making payments on your mortgage for years, then you may have built up a significant amount of equity. Like a credit card, a Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to borrow what you need, as you need it, up until you reach your credit limit.

The Details:
• Borrow up to 85% of the equity of your home
• Quick approval process
• Closing costs are waived with an initial draw of $10,000 for new HELOC borrowers, otherwise closing costs are estimated between $150 and $1000
• 10-year draw period with a fixed rate. Loan converts to a variable rate of prime plus a margin after initial 120 months.
• No annual fee
• Competitive rates

An APCO Employees Credit Union HELOC gives you the buying power you need to maximize life or simply provide a line of credit that’s ready in case an unexpected expense comes your way. Ready to get started? Apply online or learn more with the links below.



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Standard Mortgages and Refinances

If you’re in the market for a new home or considering refinancing your mortgage, your Credit Union has great rates and makes the process seamless.

Our online mortgage center gives you the power to research various mortgage products, search for rates, and apply for a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The application process generally only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home is a huge milestone, and we’re committed to helping the next generation live the dream of home ownership.

The First Time Home Buyers Program offers:
• Loans available at up to 95% of the purchase price
• We only require 5% down which gives you room in your budget to make home improvements, buy furniture, or to otherwise invest your money.
• No PMI (private mortgage insurance). By waiving this requirement, it allows for a lower monthly payment.
• Pre-approval within 48 hours of submission of a completed online application

Learn more about our First Time Home Buyers Program here.

Construction to Permanent Lending

We now offer a Construction to Permanent Loan with flexible terms designed to help you finance the building of your dream home!

Benefits of construction to permanent financing include:
• One loan and one closing cover both the construction phase and the permanent financing. This streamlines the application process and can minimize closing fees.
• Your rate and loan term are determined in advance.
• Money is available when needed during the building phase, according to the disbursement schedule.
• Quick payments – after inspection of the work, funds are generally disbursed within a few days.

The loan converts to a permanent mortgage upon completion of construction and inspection of the home. At this time, the borrower will commence making principal and interest payments at the previously determined rate. Appraisals and the loan amount are based on the finished property’s value.

Learn more about our Construction to Permanent Loan here, or read our blog post here with common questions about this option.

We Make Borrowing Simple

No matter what home ownership path you choose, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our mortgage experts are willing and able to guide you through the process at no cost or obligation.

Have questions about the right loan or ready to get started? Reach out online, stop by your local branch or call our Contact Center at 1-800-249-APCO (1-800-249-2726).


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