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NEW AUTO as low as 5.75% APR 63 MONTHS

All rates are subject to change without notice. Your actual rate, payment, and costs could be higher. APR (Annual Percentage Rate). A lower credit score may cause a higher loan rate. Your APR is based on credit worthiness, loan amount, current mileage, term of the loan and loan to value.

CD competitive rates 5.30% APY 13 Months

All rates are subject to change without notice. APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

HIGH-YIELD Share Account Rate 1.51% APY Minimum $5

Savings account interest computed on the average daily balance and compounded quarterly. APY: Annual Percentage Yield

About Us

Our goal is and always has been to help our members do better financially. As a not-for-profit, full-service financial institution, APCO Employees Credit Union offers the modern financial products and services you would find at a typical bank and combines them with the personal attention and advantages of a Credit Union. We combine industry leading savings rates with competitive loan rates, and we have lower fees than those you would find at a common bank.

We have been around since 1953 and have grown to become the second largest credit union in Alabama, and the largest state-chartered credit union in the state. We proudly serve 73,000 members through 20 Credit Union branches in Alabama, our Digital Banking platform, and through more than 5,000 Credit Union Service Centers located throughout the nation. We invite you to learn more about all of the benefits of becoming an APCO Employees Credit Union member.

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Keep Your Account Secure With These Tips

Your security is our priority. We love convenience, so though we do offer Text Alerts for your accounts and cards, there are things we’ll never ask you for, including: your account numbers, card numbers, pin numbers, or passwords. Read our security reminders to help keep your account secure.

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Turn Equity to Cash with Our Home Equity Line of Credit!

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a great way to leverage the value of your home and ensure you have funds available for home improvements and additions, debt consolidation, education, family vacations, and more! Our brand-new Fixed-Rate HELOC gives you the option for predictable monthly payments for the entirety of the selected 10-year draw period.