Your Credit Union is a proud partner with Visa.

APCO Visa Credit Power Card

apco-platinum-visaCarry the power card. Only one card gives you the kind of power you can use worldwide…and fits in the palm of your hand. The APCO Visa Credit Power Card costs less than other credit cards.

  • Only 10.9% APR.
  • No annual fee.
  • A 25 day grace period on purchases.
  • 1% Cash back reward.

Members can simply download an application and solicitation disclosure. Then complete the form, sign it, and mail or bring it to your local branch. Or stop by any of our branches for assistance.

APCO Visa Debit Card

When you open a checking account, you automatically receive an APCO Visa Debit Card.APCO ECU Visa Debit Card

Your debit card can be used at hundreds of surcharge-free ATM’s statewide.

To get started, simply sign up for a checking account.

Here are some of the services you’ll get with your new card:

Chip Protection

EMV chip cards provide enhanced security. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, when an EMV card is used for payment, the chip creates a unique code that cannot be used again. If there is an attempt to duplicate the code, the transaction will be denied.

APCO Employees Credit Union has begun distributing debit cards equipped with chip technology. Your new debit card will offer an added level of security and fraud protection when used at a chip-activated terminal.

While many merchants and ATMs have already switched to chip-activated terminals, some are still in the process. Not to worry – you’ll be able to use your chip card in all of them.

All eligible Credit Union members will be issued a new EMV debit card between now and April 2017. These debit cards will have a new card number that is different from your existing debit card. Your new card and PIN verification will arrive separately. Please pay close attention to your mail so you don’t miss your new card.

Once you receive your new card and PIN in the mail, activate it immediately. Don’t forget to safely destroy your old debit card. Your old card will be deactivated after 30 days. In the case of fraud, deactivation time may differ.

If you have any questions, you may contact us, or you may contact our call center at 205.226.6800 or 1.800.249.2726.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Debit and credit cardholders can set a dollar amount and if a transaction meets or exceeds that dollar amount they will receive an email notifying them of the transaction.

Cardholders will automatically be notified of phone or internet transactions and international transactions.

SecurLOCK Communicate

Credit cardholders will receive text* and email messages when there is suspicious activity on their card.

Cardholders can opt-out of text alerts by texting STOP to a fraud alert text.

If a credit cardholder responds to a text that the transaction is valid, the card will be turned back on—however, it may take 5 – 10 minutes.

*Data and messaging charges from your telecommunications provider may apply, and you are responsible for any such charges.

Visa SRC

Visa SRC (formerly Visa Checkout) makes online shopping more enjoyable by making it easy to complete your purchase. Simply enter your username and password and speed through your online shopping experiences with a single account that can be used across all your devices. No need to re-enter your card number or address. And you can store and use any major credit or debit card.

Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay(TM) and your APCO Visa Power Card or APCO Visa Debit Card to pay the easy, secure and private way. Rest easy, Apple Pay transactions are authorized with TouchID(TM) thumbprint security or your passcode, and transactions never use your Card number. See a complete list of Apple Pay merchants at

In participating stores, Apple Pay will work with iPhone, iPhone Plus and Apple Watch. Within Apps, Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone and iPhone Plus, iPad Air and iPad mini.

More information on Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay

Credit cardholders, with an eligible Samsung device, can download the Samsung Pay app from Google Play and follow instructions to add the credit card to the app.

Samsung Pay is accepted by most merchants.

More information on Samsung Pay.

Visa BillPay

Visa provides a convenient way for you to pay bills directly to merchants. With Visa BillPay, you can pay your bills in two ways:

Automatic bill pay — this option allows you to schedule automatic bill payments with your Visa card. You set up the automatic payment by contacting the merchant online or by phone. The merchant then initiates each payment by automatically applying the payment to your Visa card on a regular, ongoing basis.

One-time/manual bill pay — with this option, you can contact merchants to pay bills one at a time. You initiate the payment and control how much is paid and when.

To learn more, login to your Visa Credit Card account or visit

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is a global solution designed to make online purchases more secure by helping ensure payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa account. One of its objectives is to continue to build consumer confidence in online shopping—similar to that in a physical shopping environment.

Verified by Visa often works behind the scenes when you’re shopping online. There may be times when you will be asked by your bank to provide more information to confirm the purchase. This helps make certain that you’re the only person using your card online.

Visa offers comprehensive fraud protection, but Verified by Visa goes even a step further, adding an extra layer of security when you enter credit card information online.

To learn more, visit

Did You Know?

We know other financial institutions make balance transfer offers, but our balance transfer program is different and better:

• We don’t charge a balance transfer fee. Most other financial institutions charge an average of 3%. That’s like paying a year’s worth of interest at 3% on your balance the day you transfer it.

• Your monthly payment for the next six months will be applied to the balance transferred first. Many programs apply payments to new purchases at higher interest rates first. That costs you money.

• If you do not pay off the balance transfer within six months, our standard 10.9% interest rate will be applied to the remaining balance. That rate beats most financial institutions.

• Everyone gets the same balance transfer rate option.

New and Existing Accounts.

The balance transfer option is available to all eligible APCO Employees Credit Union members. If you already have an APCO VISA account, simply contact us to set up the balance transfer. If you do not have an APCO Visa Credit Card, contact us to begin the application process. Once your account is approved, we will help you set up your balance transfer.

After the six month balance transfer promotion ends, your APCO Visa will continue to save you money. Benefits of using an APCO VISA include:

• 10.9% APR

• No annual fee

• 1% cash back reward

• A 25 day grace period on purchases


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